Pink Samsung Galaxy Note 3 – The very First Smartphone with Official Pink Color

How many smart phones you have seen that were officially released in Pink Color? None right? As all of the smart phones have either came in Black, White or Silver which are normally known as “masculine” colors; however women have also accepted these colors generously.

Pink Samsung Galaxy Note 3

But now women don’t need to “Compromise” with these manly colors anymore, as the all new Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is going to be released in Pink color too! However the official release colors would only be black and white, and about one month later they are going to launch pink Samsung Galaxy Note 3.

Is Pink Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Going to be Launched Globally?

We are not sure whether it is going to be launched globally or not; however there are less chances of Pink Galaxy S3 to be launched in United States, but it is surely going to be launched in South Korea and Taiwan. I guess Samsung will just be waiting for the response regarding that, and if it is good then they surely would have no problem in launching it in the rest of the world.

A Smart Move by a Smartphone Manufacturer

If Samsung does that, then it is surely going to be one of the smartest moves played by the Company, as this Pink Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is surely going to attract a whole lot of women towards it, hence allowing company to reach their sales easily in millions. This pink colored Smartphone would surely be ignored by men to masses, but it is surely going to do quite good in female market, as no matter what, Women are surely going to get their hands on this phone, hence allowing other smart phone companies specifically Apple to follow this Samsung’s paved path, as beating the competitor and making money in Smartphone market is all what matters.

At this point you might be thinking that why Samsung will not be launching this “Pink” version of Galaxy on the official release date? The main reason for this is that, Samsung is going to play even smarter in this industry, as they would make sales in millions in the first month after the launch of Black and White versions of Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and when the news of Note 3 would start to go down (decrease in sales) they will launch the pink version in order to target female users and make more money!

Effect on Apple After This Samsung Move

This Samsung move is surely going to give a big blow to the upcoming iPhone 5S sales. It was already expected that Apple won’t be able to make enough sales after the launch of Samsung Galaxy Note 3, but after this Pink Smartphone news, iPhone 5S sales would surely be hit critically by Samsung, and it is also possible that Samsung might launch Pink Samsung Galaxy Note 3 right after or along with iPhone 5S, hence effecting iPhone 5S sales even more!

When it comes to its accessories and other spare parts, you really don’t need to be concerned about that, as functions, features and everything else would remain the same. So if you break the digitizer of your Pink Samsung Galaxy Note 3, it would easily be replaced with the common Samsung Galaxy Note 3 digitizer without any extra cost!


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